These are photographs of places that no longer exist. I photograph high school stage sets taken just hours before a performance. On the surface these photographs look deceptively quiet, when in reality there is always a great deal of commotion on the stage and all around me. I have to call out a warning so that no one runs on stage or in front of my camera during the exposure. As soon as the shutter closes, the activity resumes. Although some of the more affluent schools have hired full-time technical directors, there are still the smaller schools with traditional, student-built sets that have been supervised by the school’s art teacher. This is definitely reflected in my photos--some of the stage sets are slick and expensive, while others are made from painted plywood and borrowed furniture. I am especially drawn to the more humble sets, where you can clearly see the hand of the student. For just a few days these ordinary auditoriums are transformed into fantastical temporary places or time periods quite different from the reality of high school. On the night of the final performance, the sets are torn down to make way for the next school event.

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